We are located at the city core of beautiful Kelowna, with more than a hundred restaurants & Bars & Coffee Stores around 10 minutes' distance, walking to the city park and beach only takes a few minutes. There are lots of things to do in Kelowna after massage.
Awindfall Massage Kelowna

7 Treatment

7 treatment rooms to meet the big family's requirements, all the family members can come together and spend a wonderful time together.

Awindfall Massage Kelowna

Wheelchair Accessible

Wheelchair Accessible Give the people who need it.

Awindfall Massage Kelowna

Warm & Cold Water Dispenser

Drinking cold water or warm water, It's up to you.

Awindfall Massage Kelowna

First Aid Kit

Awindfall not only has first aid kit on site but most of our employees are trained for First Aid.

Awindfall Massage Kelowna

Free Internet

Fast internet connection, connect to the world from Awindfall Massage is easy.

Awindfall Massage Kelowna


We regularly check the restrooms to provide you with a clean and hygienic environment.

Awindfall Massage Kelowna

Air Conditioner

More comfortable during summer time.

Awindfall Massage Kelowna

Free Tourist Map

We prepared free tourist maps and travel brochures during the travel season to make your stay in Kelowna more fun.

Awindfall Massage Kelowna

Kelowna Bus Terminal

3 minmutes walking to the Queensway Exchange (Bus Termial).

Awindfall Massage Kelowna

Bank Nearby

TD bank and RBC bank beside, 8 minutes walking distance you could reaching most of the banks in Downtown Kelowna.

Awindfall Massage Kelowna

Beach & Park Nearby

Take a walk to the beautiful Lake Beach and City Park only takes 9 minutes from Awindfall.

Awindfall Massage Kelowna

Playtime Casino Nearby

Feel like to test your luck today?
Playtime Casino only 3 minutes away from Awindfall, or takes 12 minutes hiking.

Awindfall Massage Kelowna

Cellphone Charger

A cellphone chargers in massage room whenever you need to charge your cellphone.

Awindfall Massage
1625 Ellis St, Downtown Kelowna, BC V1Y 2A8
A Massage Before Dinner! Wonderful!

There are more than a hundred good restaurants around Awindfall Massage (5 minutes away mostly), and it’s a great idea to have a relaxation massage with your loved one at Awindfall Massage before dinner, it makes your day even wonderful in Kelowna.

Take a Walk to Beach After Massage! Great Idea!

Take a walk to the beach & Kelowna City Park takes 9 minutes; if you drive from Awindfall that only takes 2 minutes.

Feel Like to Test your Luck?

Playtime Casino only 3 minutes away from Awindfall, or takes 12 minutes hiking.

Free Aromatherapy for Booking Online Only
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Awindfall reserves the right of final interpretation.
Awindfall Kelowna

Free Aromatherapy

Regular Price: 12.99

For booking online only

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