How to Give a Full Body Massage?

Prepare a full body massage session Prepare a cozy massage room with a comfortable massage bed, play the soft music, lower the lighting; And warm the massage oil. Before a full body massage Undress yourself to your comfort level Face down on the middle of the massage table Cover your back with a bath towel […]

Hot Stone Massage in Kelowna

Having a massage during days off or vacation is a great idea, and the most relaxing massage or the best is having a hot stone massage. Feel like a baby while the black warm volcano stone is freely sliding on the back and shoulder, your body. The warmth first arrived on the skin, and then […]

Things To Do in Kelowna Today?

Awindfall Massage Kelowna

What to do in Kelowna? When you leave, you always ask yourself what to do in the place of arrival. But you know every part of the world always has so much to offer, so what to see and what to do will always inexorably find plausible, ample, and assuring answers. We’ll find things to […]