Things To Do in Kelowna Today?

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What to do in Kelowna?

When you leave, you always ask yourself what to do in the place of arrival.

But you know every part of the world always has so much to offer, so what to see and what to do will always inexorably find plausible, ample, and assuring answers. We’ll find things to do in Kelowna, too.
Kelowna is a Canadian city overlooking Lake Okanagan, the name derives from a native term meaning “female grizzly bear”.

So, what are the things to do in Kelowna?

There are many options to choose from.

First, admire, experience, and enjoy the fantastic lake of Okanagan, sometimes I think that would be enough as an answer to what are the things to do in Kelowna … but it’s not the only beautiful thing about this enchanting Canadian place.

Here you can admire miles of picturesque and culturally interesting trails surrounded by nature, such as the must-sees of the Scenic Canyon Regional Park.

The path of the wood

The paths of this wood are well cared for and all lead to historical and cultural sites of enormous interest … the visit to this wood is a must among the things to do.

You will find ancient stone ovens and abandoned gold mines, and you will advance to the panoramic points from which you can enjoy unmissable views of the surrounding area.

This park extends for 90 hectares of the surface covered with forests, rivers, and expanses of meadows that in the summer months are filled with colourful wildflowers. An environment full of and different kinds f animals, a real paradise with numerous birds, moose, deer, pumas, and grizzly bears.

Beautiful view of Kelowna

Among the most beautiful views of the park are the banks of the river, the cedars, and the unusual geological formations called “hoodoo”, or fairy chimneys, the result of the erosion suffered by the rocks over thousands of years.
Things to see don’t end here, on the contrary … what else to do in Kelowna? Ever heard of Quails’ Gate Estate Winery?

It’s a winery famous for its Pinot and Chardonnays, thanks to which it has obtained numerous awards and recognitions. You can taste excellent wines and stop for lunch or dinner in the elegant restaurant overlooking the valley inhabited by man since ancient times.

Nearby is Allison House, an old house dating back to 1873 that housed the first Europeans to arrive in British Columbia.

When wondering what to do in Kelowna, another place immediately comes to mind: a wonderful “Oriental” Kusugai Garden.

A quiet and idyllic place, with ponds populated by multi-coloured fish and a tearoom where you can find refuge from the bustling city life.

Created in 1985 as part of the twinning between Kelowna and the Japanese city of Kasugai; Kasugai Gardens are an oasis of peace nestled in the vibrant environment of the city.

At the park entrance, you will be greeted by the symbolic Circle of Friendship sculpture, created by the Dutch artist Geert Maas in memory of Yukihisa Tanaka, who dedicated her life to the relations between Canada and Japan.

Things to do are not finished yet! … Knox Mountain Park, with its enchanting landscape surrounded by deep nature where there is certainly no shortage of beaches, cliffs, and places to swim …

Kelowna is known for its beaches and Boyce-Gyro Beach Park is one of the most coveted places in the city ideal for a swim.

At Waterfront Park, which is one of the most popular places to visit in Kelowna among locals and tourists, you can swim, hike the trails, and experience many other recreational activities. Located in the city center, it also has a public art gallery and a beautiful boardwalk along the beach.

Wood Lake, a chain of 5 lakes comes together to form the Wood Lake which covers most of the Okanagan Valley. The most engaging activity here is trout fishing and exploration of the fruit tree sector which operates along the lake.

Stuart Park is located near Lake Okanagan and during the winter this place turns into an ice rink, where anyone can test their skills as a skater and ski, try skateboarding, and all accompanied by incredibly fascinating images of nature…

There are so many things to do here in Kelowna!

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